Best of 2010 – Final List

For me, at least, today is the last day of the Christmas holidays. Back to work tomorrow… sigh… Anyway, it seems like an appropriate time to post the best tracks of 2010, as voted by both myself and the listeners of the podcast. These tracks were voted for throughout November, and represent our favourite tracks from 2010 as played on the show. I guess, in this way, it’s not trying to be a definite best of the year list, but there are some belters in here anyway.

And yes – a band from Edinburgh are the first ever Edinburgh Man end of year poll winners! I’m sure some people will suggest foul play, but since I’m privy to the server log files, I can tell that they received votes from all around the world. A well deserved number one too, from a brilliant album.

Anyway here’s the list. Drum roll, please…

The Best Tracks of 2010!

1. The Last Battle – “Ruins” (buy album from Bandcamp)
2. Dressed Like Wolves – “Cancel The Sky” (download album free from CLLCT)
3. Kid Canaveral – “Good Morning” (download track free and buy album from Bandcamp)
4. Entertainment For The Braindead – “Roadkill” (download album free from aaahh records)
5. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – “Say No To Love” (download track free and buy single from iTunes)
6. The Vaselines – “I Hate The 80’s” (download track free and buy album from Sub Pop)
7. Maple Leaves – “Golden Ether” (buy EP from Bubblegum Records)
8. Allo Darlin’ – “The Polaroid Song” (download track free and buy album from iTunes)
9. Maps & Atlases – “Solid Ground” (download track free from Barsuk Records and buy album from Kung Fu Nation)
10. The Arctic Flow – “Lemonade Kiss” (download single free from BEKO DSL)
11. Shy and the Fight – “How to Stop an Imploding Man” (buy track from Bandcamp)
12. The Scottish Enlightenment – “St. Germain is Thick Tonight” (download track free and purchase from Armellodie Records)
13. Meursault – “Crank Resolutions” (Download track free and buy from iTunes)
14. Randolph’s Leap – “As I Lie In The Mud” (buy EP from Bandcamp)
15. Throwing Muses – “Sunray Venus” (download free from CASH Music)
16. Tender Trap – “Do You Want A Boyfriend?” (download track free and buy from Napster)
17. Enfant Bastard – “Song For The Maudlin” (download track free and buy album from iTunes)
18. The Sleepy Trees – “The Last Born Children ” (download album free from CLLCT)
19. The Thermals – “I Don’t Believe You” (download track free and buy album from Kill Rock Stars)
20. Tigercats – “Easter Island” (download track free and buy EP from Bandcamp or Amazon MP3)
21. Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern – “Calling Out Your Name Again” (download track free and buy from iTunes)
22. Yusuf Azak – “The Key Underground” (download track free and buy album from Song by Toad Records)
23. Nan & The One Night Stands – “High Ceilings” (buy album from Olive Juice Music)
24. Go Away Birds – “Quixotic” (download EP free from Go Away Birds)
25. Wisdom Tooth – “Make You Laugh” (download EP free from CLLCT)
26. My Tiny Robots – “Rock Bossa Nova Fourbeat Black” (buy EP from Bandcamp)
27. Dum Dum Girls – “Jail La La” (download track free and buy album from Sub Pop)
28. Xiu Xiu – “Gray Death” (download track free and buy album from Kill Rock Stars)
29. Marnie Stern – “For Ash” (download track free and buy album from Kill Rock Stars)
30. Like, Mountains – “Call Me A Liar” (buy EP from Bandcamp)

and obviously, you can still listen to the shows:

Edinburgh Man – Best of 2010 (Part 1)

Edinburgh Man – Best of 2010 (Part 2)

Thanks to everyone who voted, thanks to the bands and artists for making all the music, and thanks to everyone who listened. I’m going to take a couple of weeks off from the podcast, and return refreshed on the 20th of January. Basically, I’ve been running up a massive backlog of music I haven’t listened to yet, and really need to get cracking on it. On the plus side, it means that when it returns there’ll be loads of music that’s new to me, and hopefully new to you too.