Vote for your top three tracks from 2010

Or rather… the best tracks from 2010 that were played on the podcast this year.

Yep, there’s going to be a special show (or perhaps a number of shows) during December where we look back on the last year, and play the best tracks we’ve featured on the show. To be honest, I’ve already made my list, but I thought it was a bit unfair just for me to choose. So, for the whole of November there will be a poll to vote for your favourite tracks from the show. If you can’t remember what everything sounded like, check out the handy list of episodes on the side.


A few arbitrary and no-doubt unfair rules:

  1. Edinburgh Man is not a democracy! I already have a list, so the results of the two polls will be combined together somehow.
  2. Obviously, there’ll be tracks from 2010 during November too. These will be added to the poll as and when they are played, and there may be some weighting to avoid biasing against the latecomers.
  3. Only one track from each artist will appear in the final playlist. The top track from each artist will be chosen.
  4. The poll will close at 1 minute to midnight PST on the 30th of November 2010 (that’s 1 minute before 8am on the 1st of December GMT).

What if you really like a track that’s not in the list? Well, obviously the show only plays “podsafe” music – tracks that we’re allowed to play on the show. But it’s conceivable that some great podsafe tracks from 2010 have been missed out. Please drop me an email at with the details of the track, and I might play it during November and add it to the voting list, or I might just throw it into my already huge list if I really like it.

I’m not sure how many tracks there’ll be, it might be a top 10, a top 20, a top 40 or even a top 50. Who knows. It all depends how much mince pies and sherry (or candy and egg nog if you’re that way inclined) I consume during the recording.