Edinburgh Man #102 Redux

Don’t you just love This American Life? But don’t you just hate it when it turns out to be a repeat from 18 months ago? Guess what – this week the Edinburgh Man Podcast is a repeat from 18 months ago.

Edinburgh Man Junior has been really ill for the last couple of days, hence no podcast has been prepared, and he’ll more than likely wake up during the normal recording time. So instead here’s one a made earlier. Really earlier.

I remember enjoying this show loads. I mean, I enjoyed making it. I never really listen back to them, so it could be awful. One thing I do remember is that I embarrassingly mispronounced the By Toutatis track. Sigh.

1. Spice Hound Music co. – “The New Sensation” (Played courtesy of Spice Hound Music co., Released under a Creative Commons licence)
2. Year Of Birds – “Four Square House” (Played courtesy of Year Of Birds)
3. Animal Noises – “Crocodile Tears” (Played courtesy of Animal Noises, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
4. The Son(s) – “Half Lived” (Played courtesy of Olive Grove Records / The Son(s))
5. Lady – “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah” (Played courtesy of Lady)
6. Jen Schande – “Nice Fez” (Played courtesy of Jen Schande)
7. By Toutatis – “Hero & Leander” (Played courtesy of By Toutatis)
8. Nallo – “Beasts and Cartoons (Rope and Sand)” (Played courtesy of Nallo)
9. ZED PENGUIN – “WHO’LL COME DANCING?” (Played courtesy of Zed Penguin)
10. Jeannot – “Tire swing” (Played courtesy of Jeannot)

Direct Download: Edinburgh Man #102 Redux