Edinburgh Man’s Comfort Mix

When we’re ill, we seek out things that make us feel more comfortable… Comfort food, perhaps. What about comfort music? I suspect I do. Most of the music I listen to is new (at least to me). In fact, I’d say maybe half of the music I hear at the moment I listen to once and never again – moving onto the next new thing. Some of this new music, however, finds its way into regular rotation on my iPhone.

Anyway, I’m ill today. A sore throat that’s not shifting means that I can’t do a podcast tonight. To top it off I came down with some stomach bug yesterday. It’s all rather pathetic really. However, not wanting to leave you empty handed I thought I’d stick together a quick mix. It’s not a regular download – lots of the music isn’t ‘podsafe’, so it’s on Mixcloud only. Especially for the 20 or 30 people who listen on there. It’s also not particularly original or exciting. These tracks are a selection of my current comfort music. Some of them are old (like T-Model Ford, My Bloody Valentine) while some are newer (Schwervon!, KEEL HER) and some are even from my most recent purchases (Corin Tucker, Tender Trap). Hopefully you don’t need to be unwell to enjoy it.

It strikes me, after making this mix, that it’s particularly noisy. Not much lo-fi acoustic, indie-folk, or dream-pop as made it into this mix. Perhaps that says something about me when I’m ill– or maybe my ears are just blocked up.

1. Japandroids – “Continuous Thunder”
2. Kid Canaveral – “Second Time Around”
3. The Lovely Eggs – “Panic Plants”
4. Schwervon! – “Daydream Ration”
5. Mercury Rev – “Syringe Mouth”
6. T-Model Ford – “To The Left To The Right”
7. Superchunk – “Slack Motherfucker”
8. KEEL HER – “pets”
9. Bratmobile – “Panik”
10. Corin Tucker Band – “Neskowin”
11. Wild Flag – “Romance”
12. Tender Trap – “MBV”
13. My Bloody Valentine – “Strawberry Wine”
14. Shop Assistants – “Safety Net”
15. Cloud Nothings – “No Future/No Past”

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