#303 - Christmas Retreat

I'm hiding away as I record this week's show - ostensibly the Christmas episode of the podcast. I've gone and left it too late and I now need to record the episode on the Saturday before Christmas, i.e. the first day the kids are off school. They are already at each other's throats and starting to get very annoyed by my continued asking when they are going back to school.

Anyway, many thanks for listening to the return of the show over the last few months. I'm sort of getting used to doing these again, and for the most part they are weekly-ish. Hopefully next week (sometime between Christmas and New Year) I'll be able to squeeze in a best of 2023 show. But until then, Merry Christmas!

[00:48] Slughole - Buried in the Snow (...My Mind)
[06:30] Rotundos - Moving Day
[11:05] Far Apart - Hazel
[17:57] calostro - Vino
[20:58] Mom's Home - good at first dates
[26:52] Dating - Supercollider

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