#304 - Variability

Apologies for the somewhat variable release schedule for the podcast. January has been pretty busy, and unfortunately that busyness spilled over into February and the school holidays. But today, at long last, I have a few hours to myself to record a podcast and play the playlist that has been sitting and waiting since the first week of the year.

Keeping with the theme, I'm also trying out a pair of varifocal glasses. So while I have some sort of notes for today's show, I can't really read them very well, so this is very much off the cuff.

[00:20] RADICAL KITTEN - Never On Time
[06:15] Dead Married - Alone
[12:27] Swiss Portrait - Always
[17:06] hidden driver - Whitman St Blues
[22:24] Rustycore - Buick
[26:06] Demonic Sweaters - The Precipice of Me

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