Edinburgh Man #142

Sea salt and cracked black pepper pretzels. Cheap gin and cheap tonic. Surely the two required ingredients for a top podcast?

On today’s show I tried really hard not to ramble very much, but things didn’t turn out quite like I planned. Some great music though including the title track of the brilliant debut album from By Toutatis, a new track from Elizabeth Morris, and a fantastic tune from No Ditching who, if Bandcamp are to be believed, describe their music as “radge pop”. So there you go.

1. The Bats Pajamas - "You Get By" (Played courtesy of The Bats Pajamas)
2. By Toutatis - "The Songs We Sang to Death" (Played courtesy of By Toutatis)
3. Randolph's Leap - "Real Anymore" (Played courtesy of Olive Grove Records)
4. Elizabeth Morris - "Optimism" (Played courtesy of Elizabeth Morris)
5. No Ditching - "Cuddles" (Played courtesy of No Ditching)
6. Colour Me Wednesday - "Unicorn In Uniform" (Played courtesy of Colour Me Wednesday, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
7. joyride! - "Sell The House" (Played courtesy of joyride!)
8. Radiator Hospital - "Big Cloud" (Played courtesy of Radiator Hospital, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
9. Plastic Animals - "Floating" (Played courtesy of Song by Toad)

Direct Download: Edinburgh Man #142