Edinburgh Man #154

It's the last "proper" podcast of the year! And by that I mean that next week is the first of two shows featuring the results of the always exciting end of year poll. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. This week I'm beginning to feel a bit festive, helped in part by the fact Edinburgh's ballboy have just released a great Christmas EP, and in part because Edinburgh Man Junior keeps wandering up to our Christmas tree shouting "Baubles", "Baubles".

Anyway, because of this there is a slightly festive feel to this week's port and mince pie fuelled show, including a track from the aformentioned ballboy EP, and a seasonal track from Toby Goodshank's brilliant Minas Dias LP that was released early this year.

Oh, and don't forget to vote! You have until next Wednesday (9ish UK time). http://tinyurl.com/edman2013

1. Randolph's Leap - "Indie King" (Played courtesy of Olive Grove Records)
2. Year Of Birds - "Seven At Sea" (Played courtesy of Year Of Birds)
3. ballboy - "Merry Christmas to the Drunks, Merry Christmas to the Lovers" (Played courtesy of ballboy)
4. Toby Goodshank - "Camel Ride" (Played courtesy of Toby Goodshank)
5. GREAT THUNDER - "Happening Scene" (Played courtesy of GREAT THUNDER)
6. Athuzela Brown - "A Cliff At Dawn" (Played courtesy of Athuzela Brown, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
7. Kool Daze - "Demons" (Played courtesy of Kool Daze)
8. GREAT THUNDER - "Jackson Browne" (Played courtesy of GREAT THUNDER)
9. The Second Hand Marching Band - "Transformers" (Played courtesy of The Second Hand Marching Band, Released under a Creative Commons licence)

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