Edinburgh Man #166

It's the first podcast for a couple of weeks and I'm in a foul mood. We don't really get to the bottom of this during the podcast - it's either because of the ongoing rubbish internet at Edinburgh Man Towers... or maybe because I was swizzed out of free cake at Brew Lab... or perhaps it's just the continued existence of the UKIP. Who knows?

Anyway, no matter. There no sensible justification for it because there's lots of great new music to listen to. Bastard Mountain for one - that "Swam Like Sharks" track is incredible. FURROW too - their new single on Bleeding Gold records is pretty majestic. Some fantastic epic shoegaze from Edinburgh's Wozniak as well. Yeah, all good. Stop being grumpy you dick.

1. Wozniak - "El Maresme" (Played courtesy of Wozniak)
2. Collar Up - "I Wanted To Hurt You" (Played courtesy of Permwhale Recordings)
3. Trick Mammoth - "Doll" (Played courtesy of WIAIWYA)
4. supercontinents - "righteous & responsive" (Played courtesy of supercontinents, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
5. Yusuf Azak - "Disguise" (Played courtesy of Gerry Loves Records)
6. Emily Scott with the Fell Down trio - "Archipelago" (Played courtesy of Emily Scott)
7. FURROW - "Dear Hunter" (Played courtesy of Bleeding Gold Records)
8. Bastard Mountain - "Swam Like Sharks" (Played courtesy of Song by Toad)

Direct Download: Edinburgh Man #166