Edinburgh Man #227

Well this is confusing. I thought I was being clever on tonight's show - clever and lazy. One of the tracks I intended to play I was just going to stream from the artist's Bandcamp page, but when I went to the page during the show they'd taken the track down! Not only that, they'd taken down all their tracks! From then on I went a bit off-piste and played some random stuff instead.

This week's show includes a cassette release from Georgia's Sea Ghost, a track from the upcoming Adam Stafford album, and a track from the first album by The Last Battle, on account of the fact it was their farewell gig at the weekend and I'm already having withdrawals.

1. Sea Ghost - "Cowboy Hat" (Played courtesy of Sea Ghost / Z Tapes, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
2. Adam Stafford - "Atheist Money" (Played courtesy of Adam Stafford / Song by Toad)
3. EGO - "Crowd" (Played courtesy of EGO, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
4. The Last Battle - "Ruins" (Played courtesy of The Last Battle)
5. Pine + Palm - "Explain (Demo)" (Played courtesy of Pine + Palm, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
6. The Mountain Goats - "No Children (Live)" (Played courtesy of Mountain Goats / Archive.org)