#251 - Live Alive

It's the first live podcast in ages! Actually, it's the first podcast in ages... well, in a month. But it feels like a year or two since the last live one. I find myself wondering, did I used to need so many wires to do a live show?

Anyway, we got through it and it was quite enjoyable. People listened. One person tweeted at me. Once. So all in all, I consider it a success. Same time next week?

1. Rat Cage - "Pressure Pot" (Played courtesy of http://lavidaesunmus.bandcamp.com)
2. Nixon - "Alison" (Played courtesy of Cath 'n' Dad Records, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
3. Al Mirabella & the Mid-Life Crises - "Seafoam" (Played courtesy of http://al-mirabella.bandcamp.com)
4. Meursault - "By Gaslight" (Played courtesy of http://songbytoad.com)
5. The Paperback Throne - "Outside" (Played courtesy of The Paperback Throne)
6. anybodys - "RFK" (Played courtesy of https://anybodys.bandcamp.com/track/rfk)