Edinburgh Man #83

Firstly, an apology. I seem to have been playing a few tracks by the same bands for the last few weeks, and tonight's show is no exception. Actually, it's only half an apology, because they are all great tracks. So if I haven't already persuaded you to seek out Randolph's Leap, Schwervon! and Former Babies, I'm going to have one more shot tonight.

I have two other reasons for playing Randolph's Leap on the podcast. Last night I went to the Edinburgh launch gig for their new cassette. A pretty low key acoustic affair with Adam from the band playing an acoustic guitar in Matthew from Song, by Toad's flat. It was, however, a wonderful gig. With top quality support from David from Kid Canaveral, also doing an acoustic take on both old and new Kid Canaveral tunes.

The second reason is that the Glasgow launch for the cassette is on Saturday night at the Captain's Rest. So this is a plug, if Saturday hasn't passed yet, get yourself along where they'll have the full eight piece band. In the tiny Captain's Rest! Should be fun.

1. The Rotting Cartridge - "Test" (Played courtesy of The Rotting Cartridge / Released under a Creative Commons licence)
2. Randolph's Leap - "Level One" (Played courtesy of Peenko Records)
3. Randolph's Leap - "Dying In My Sleep" (Played courtesy of Peenko Records)
4. Dordy - "The Ups and The Downs (Before...)" (Played courtesy of Dordy / Released under a Creative Commons licence)
5. Ela Orleans - "In The Night" (Played courtesy of Beko DSL / Released under a Creative Commons licence)
6. Laura Gibson - "La Grande" (Played courtesy of Hush Records)
7. Former Babies - "Cowboy" (Played courtesy of Bleeding Gold Records)
8. Tear Talk - "Dry Blood" (Played courtesy of Bleeding Gold Records)
9. Schwervon! - "Daydream Ration" (Played courtesy of Schwervon! / Released under a Creative Commons licence)

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