Edinburgh Man #86

Oops. It seems that I have hidden my "Soundcloud" label on my Gmail since the start of the year. This wouldn't be particularly problematic if it wasn't for the fact that people regularly send me loads of tracks though it. Whoops. So today's show features some of those tracks, including a great track from a cassette release on Livingston's Soft Power Recordings, Edinburgh's Urvanovic and Glasgow's Will Hanson.

There's also a recent track from one of my favourite bands from the 1990s - Luscious Jackson who have reformed and are self-recording a new album funded through Pledge Music, and my current jam - a fantastic new track from the upcoming EP by The Son(s) on Olive Grove Records.

1. Luscious Jackson - "Are You Ready?" (Played courtesy of Luscious Jackson)
2. The Son(s) - "If I Hear You Talk Apostrophes Again..." (Played courtesy of The Son(s) / Olive Grove Records)
3. Trogons - "Forge" (Played courtesy of Soft Power Records)
4. Birds Are Indie - "I Will Say It In Your Face" (Played courtesy of Birds are Indie)
5. Field Trip - "Sleeve Of The Skin" (Played courtesy of Field Trip)
6. Tear Talk - "Sleepwalking" (Played courtesy of Bleeding Gold Records)
7. Urvanovic - "Bubblewrap" (Played courtesy of Urvanovic)
8. Will Hanson - "Deathbed Conversation" (Played courtesy of Will Hanson)

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