Edinburgh Man #91

Pick. Scan. Edit. Return. Pick. Scan. Edit. Return...

I've been cataloguing my vinyl for the last week. I downloaded a cool iPhone app called MyStuff2 (I'm not sure if the 2 is important or not... I wonder what the first one was like...). The reason for this organisation is because I've been known to accidently buy albums that I already have. In theory it should be easy, but this sort of thing never really is. About a third of the albums seem to pre-date barcodes, and the ones that do have them always come back with weird capitalisation, or "[VINYL]" appended to the end of the names. Most of the time is spent editing the information that the barcode scanning is supposed to make automatic. Add to that the odd record label (Song, by Toad, I'm looking at you) whose barcodes refuse to scan. Damn this technology.

Anyway, I've just finished it! And in the process discovered I've lost my original pressing of "Paul's Boutique" by The Beastie Boys (£20 on eBay) but gained an extra copy of "Definitely Maybe" by Oasis (up to £65 on eBay). So at least we're in the black.

Unfortunately... I've still got the 7-inch singles to tackle...

1. The Men From...BEYOND!! - "The Law is a Heartbreaker" (Played courtesy of Bleeding Gold Records)
2. The Thermals - "A Stare Like Yours" (Played courtesy of Sub Pop)
3. Earthy Babes - "Decomposing" (Played courtesy of Earthy Babes)
4. The Secret Sea - "Set For Life" (Played courtesy of The Secret Sea / Released under a Creative Commons licence)
5. KEEL HER - "mike delfinono" (Played courtesy of Keel Her / Released under a Creative Commons licence)
6. The Give It Ups - "If Everything Ends" (Played courtesy of The Give It Ups / Odd Box Records)
7. Chris & Cait - "Baby Sluts" (Played courtesy of Chris & Cait / Mindtroll / Released under a Creative Commons licence)
8. The Bilinda Butchers - "Hai bby (ft. Tiny Microphone)" (Played courtesy of beko_digital singles label_ / Released under a Creative Commons licence)

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