Edinburgh Man #93

Imagine being ill on Record Store Day. Outrageous. This can't happen again. I spent most of the weekend and the start of the week in bed, rather pathetically with just a cold. In my defence, it was a horrible cold. But a cold nonetheless. It did make Record Store Day pretty hard going. I had hoped to do the rounds of the record shops in Edinburgh, taking in in-stores at both Avalanche and Vox Box... In the end I only managed to stumble up to Avalanche, get most of the records I wanted to buy, watch Withered Hand and some of Gordon from Ballboy, and then stumble back home to bed. Next year I need to isolate myself from the world in the run up to Record Store Day... I don't want to go through all that again.

So, it was almost a podcast with no music. Or rather, a podcast with no new music. I obviously didn't source any tracks while ill. But in the end, as is the way of these things, lots of top new tunes appeared, and you were saved the fate of listening to me playing music that had been on the show before.

1. Alligator Indian - "Our Love Was A Crime" (Played courtesy of Alligator Indian / Bleeding Gold Records / Released under a Creative Commons licence)
2. September Girls - "Wanting More" (Played courtesy of Soft Power Records)
3. The Decent Lovers - "Abilene" (Played courtesy of The Decent Lovers / Released under a Creative Commons licence)
4. Earthy Babes - "Grey-haired" (Played courtesy of Earthy Babes)
5. Lovers Turn to Monsters - "Day Off" (Played courtesy of Lovers Turn to Monsters)
6. The Wedding Present - "Back a Bit... Stop" (Played courtesy of Scopitones / IODAPromonet)
7. Radials - "Dashboard" (Played courtesy of Radials)
8. Myll - ""*/<>?\|" (Played courtesy of Myll / NO-SOURCE / Released under a Creative Commons licence)

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