Edinburgh Man #95

And we're back! Apologies for the music repeat show last week. A 24 hour virus invaded the house and podcast duties had to be set aside for parental duties for at least a day. The slightly annoying thing was that after I had that massive cold and sore throat a couple of weeks back, I decided to record an "emergency show". This is something I did last year with a couple of shows with tracks from K Records and Kill Rock Stars. Those shows were kicking about for ages before I pulled them into service, but this time I've used my backup show straight away!

Anyway, there's a bunch of new music on today's show. Well, newish, because it's by and large the playlist from last week's show. As a result, if you keep up to date with other Scottish blogs or podcasts, you've probably already heard most of these before. I don't care. I like them, so I'm playing them.

1. The Decent Lovers - "I Don't Wanna be a Decent Lover" (Played courtesy of The Decent Lovers / Released under a Creative Commons licence)
2. AMBULANCES - "Feeling Sick" (Played courtesy of Ambulances)
3. Against Me! - "Don't Lose Touch" (Played courtesy of Fat Wreck Chords / Music Alley)
4. Allo Darlin' - "Tallulah" (Played courtesy of Fortuna POP! / IODAPromonet)
5. My Tiny Robots - "My Tiny Robots" (Played courtesy of My Tiny Robots)
6. Joanna Gruesome - "Sweater" (Played courtesy of Art is Hard Records)
7. Plastic Animals - "Ghosts" (Played courtesy of Plastic Animals)
8. Radiation City - "Find It of Use" (Played courtesy of Tender Loving Empire / IODAPromonet)
9. The Son(s) - "Cocksure Boys" (Played courtesy of Olive Grove Records / The Son(s))
10. Kochari - "Every Day and Every Night" (Played courtesy of Kochari / Released under a Creative Commons licence)

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