It's that time of year again! Choose your top five tracks from 2014 as featured on the Edinburgh Man Podcast! You can just choose one, but that's pretty feeble. Look at all the great tracks in there. Anyway, choose up to five, in order, and all the results will be compiled into a fantastic end of year chart, to be played over two special podcasts on the 23rd and 30th of December.

In previous years the final poll has been limited to one track by each artists, with votes for multiple tracks being carried over to the more popular one. This may happen again this year. Just keeping you on your toes.

You can use the MASSIVE AND CONFUSING ONLINE POLL, or you can look at the list below and email me your top 5 in order to, message me on Facebook, or even iMessage me on that email address if you're an Apple type.

Any attempts to "stuff the votes" will be detected with cleverness and ignored.

The tracks to choose from:

Aliment - "Nightmare Girl"
astroskeleton - "you are not alone"
Aunt Sis - "Charlie's Imminent (But Scenic) Death"
Away Game - "Call Me Up (Just to Bring Me Down)"
ballboy - "JK Rowling changed my vote from No to Yes!"
Bastard Mountain - "Meadow Ghosts"
Bastard Mountain - "Drone Armatrading"
Bastard Mountain - "Swam Like Sharks"
Bastard Mountain - "Palisade"
Bikini Jesus - "Under A Spell"
Black Bear Mute - "TV Sledgehammer"
Book Group - "Get Up And Go"
Book Group - "Here is Too Near"
Boygirlanimalcolour - "Cabletie"
Braves - "Seapunk"
Butcher Babes - "Don't touch"
Cameron Toy - "Progress"
cars & trains - "History of the Night"
Cat Problems - "I Smell Fertility"
Cat Smell - "Cheap Date"
Cat Smell - "Nobody Knows"
Champ - "Nothing"
Cherax Destructor - "Fading Light"
The Cherry Wave - "Whitey"
ColeFord - "Our Hearts"
Colour Me Wednesday - "Half A Life"
Colour Me Wednesday - "Sugar Coated"
COMFY - "Where is"
Conveyor - "Wry Thing"
Council Tax Band - "Jobcentre"
CRUISING - "You Made Me Do That"
D A Y D R E A M I N G - "Ruined"
Dad Rocks! - "Peers"
David Thomas Broughton & Juice - "In Service"
The Debutantes - "Gentleman's Wash"
Decent Lovers - "Me and Puppykitty"
Dispute Settlement Mechanism - "Breezeblock Flat Gap"
Dressed Like Wolves - "Death Of Girls"
Dressed Like Wolves - "There Is Always An Exception"
eagleowl - "Life We Knew"
Earthy Babes - "Hurricane"
Earthy Babes - "Windspeak"
Emerald Park - "Blue"
Emily Scott with the Fell Down trio - "Archipelago"
First Borns - "Perfect 10"
Fog Lake - "it was never enough"
Freschard (with the Wave Pictures) - "Monsters"
Freschard (with the Wave Pictures) - "And The Rain"
FURROW - "Dear Hunter"
Gleemer - "Coast Cruiser"
Gleemer - "Track And Field"
Goddam Nobody - "Cut and Paste to Waste"
Gone Wishing - "The Watchers"
Grave Pool - "Frost Pockets"
Helen Robertson - "David Cameron Hates Us"
Helen Robertson - "Steffi and Dennis"
Hideouts - "Hideouts"
Hideouts - "Hideouts (Acoustic)"
high pop - "the twist"
I Believe in Sunshine - "I've Had Enough"
Insect Heroes - "Pop Music"
Invisible Elephant - "Two Moons (with Maryliz Guillemi)"
Ivor MacGyver (The Spook School + The Just Joans) - "Saliva"
Jeanette Street - "A Blues"
Jo Mango - "Evermore (The Cormorant Remix)"
Joel Alas - "Stamps"
Jonnie Common - "Binary 101"
Jonnie Common - "crumbs"
joyride! - "jump start"
joyride! - "don't forget the first one"
KEEL HER - "Other World"
KEEL HER - "(I Hate It) When You Look at Me"
KEEL HER - "Don't Look At Me"
KEEN ON GIRLS (The Bilinda Butchers + PASTEL GHOST) - "Sea Wave"
King Post Kitsch - "The Days Keep Coming"
King Post Kitsch - "Veronique"
Kodacrome - "White Love"
Kool Daze - "Nu Daze (Rough Demo)"
Kyle Kaos - "What a Winter"
Kyle Kaos - "Total Insurrection"
L.A Salami - "When the Poet Sings"
Lady North - "Bum Jiggy"
Las Lanas - "Lie & Sow"
Las Lanas - "Something Borrowed"
The Last Battle - "None Of That"
The Last Battle - "You & Me"
The Last Battle - "Breathe Bones"
The Last Battle - "Giving Up (Demo)"
Left Behind (Tiny Fireflies + Boyish) - "Heart Noir"
Live Fast Die - "You Ruin All My Fun"
Love Starved Women of Beatnik Island - "Are You a Song?"
Lowtide - "Still Time"
Luno - "Valediction"
Man meets Bear - "Sirius"
Mark Wynn - "No Fun (not that one)"
Mark Wynn - "The Girl Who Looked Like Bobby Gillespie"
Merrnie - "It Matters"
Meursault - "Dinosaur Act (Low)"
Meursault - "He Was a Friend of Mine (Traditional)"
Meursault - "One Day This'll All Be Fields (Organ Grinders Monkey Version)"
Nallo - "Isla Vista"
Nate Henricks - "Sometimes I Die"
NEW WIVES - "New Eyes//First March"
Night Dew Call - "Emily"
No Kill - "Big Muff Scream"
Os Drongos - "Breakfast Sand"
The Paperback Throne - "Colossus"
Passion Pusher - "Couch King"
Penny Black - "Red"
PEOPLE//TALK - "Remind Yourself"
PETEY - "I Don't Wait (Ace Ventura)"
The Planes - "Catch You"
The Planes - "Milk Maid"
Psalmships - "Flesh Turn"
Qualia - "Circles"
Radiator Hospital - "Blue Gown"
Radiator Hospital - "Cut Your Bangs"
Radiator Hospital - "Fireworks"
Radiator Hospital - "They Live"
Rambo - "Twist of shears"
Randolph's Leap - "Unnatural"
Randolph's Leap - "Foolishness Of Youth"
Randolph's Leap - "Isle Of Love"
Rejected & The X club - "i just wanna be with my cats"
The Restoration (Darren Hayman + Ralegh Long) - "Cut Out the Noise"
Rick Redbeard - "Any Way I Can (Scottish Fiction Session)"
RM Hubbert - "Go Slowly (Scottish Fiction Session)"
Sad Juno - "廻る夜明けに / For Every Dawn"
The Saurs - "Came To You"
The Saurs - "Close-up"
The Saurs - "Seen It"
Schwervon! - "Flaming Dragonfly"
Schwervon! - "Undertow"
The Sea Life - "Prozac & Merlot"
the second hand marching band - "This is the Story"
the second hand marching band - "Wrench of My Hand"
She Said Destroy - "I Hate The Sun"
Short Days - "Bleak City"
Shy and the Fight - "First the bird fell"
Siobhan Wilson - "Dear God"
Slushy - "Summertime Girls"
The Sniffs - "Oh No"
Soft Lads (Finnmark! + This Many Boyfriends) - "Never Again"
The Son(s) - "Death, with Castanets"
The Son(s) - "...And A Lick On The Ear"
Songs For Walter - "Competition, Diffidence and Glory"
Sorrows - "Don't Bring Me Down"
Sparrow & the Workshop - "One Brush"
Stanley Odd - "Chase Yirsel"
Stanley Odd - "Pastimes"
Stanley Odd - "Son I Voted Yes"
Star Wheel Press - "Hey Lord (An Existential Inquiry) ft. Foy Vance"
Star Wheel Press - "Multiple Personality Murder"
Star Wheel Press - "Betamax Waltz"
Stu Daly - "Petrol Blue"
supercontinents - "righteous & responsive"
THE SWEETS - "Coffee In The Morning"
THE SWEETS - "Sister"
Tape Waves - "All I Can See"
Teenage Kicks - "Houdini"
Tess Clancy - "This Distance"
Toby Goodshank - "Cave Angel"
Toby Goodshank - "Dick U Down"
Townhouse Woods - "Cricket Hymn, Pt. I"
Townhouse Woods - "Golden Hair"
Townhouse Woods - "Release You"
Trick Mammoth - "Doll"
Trick Mammoth - "Candy Darling"
Trick Mammoth - "Days Of Being Wild"
tusk, her - "Old Jack"
The Tuts - "Worry Warrior"
TV Girl - "Birds Dont Sing"
TV Girl - "The Getaway"
TV Girl - "Daughter of a Cop"
Uniform Motion - "There is No Way There is No Way"
Vincent Vocoder Voice - "Waving Up at You From Under the Ice"
Vio/Miré - "Dogs 1"
Virgin of the Birds - "Every Revelry"
Waylon Thornton - "Can't Find Home"
Waylon Thornton - "Screaming At You"
We Need Tutorials - "Diving and driving"
Wet Wings - "Willow Peak"
Wild Hands - "River"
Witching Waves - "Concrete"
Witching Waves - "Chain Of Command"
Witching Waves - "Better Run "
Withered Hand - "California"
Word Or Object - "The New Series of Doctor Who Upsets my Life"
Wounded Knee - "The Muckle Sang (Scottish Fiction Session)"
Wozniak - "Five Star (single mix)"
Wozniak - "El Maresme"
Wozniak - "Paper Hat"
Xiu Xiu - "Stupid in the Dark"
Yellow Ostrich - "Shades"
Yusuf Azak - "State Courage (Piano Version)"
Yusuf Azak - "Fuel (Piano Version)"
Yusuf Azak - "Silver Rose"
Yusuf Azak - "Disguise"
Yusuf Azak - "State Courage"