Edinburgh Man #188

Regular listeners will remember that my MacBook died recently and I've been having to use an antiquated computer instead. Well, the good news is that thanks to potentially counterfeit spare parts from eBay it's back up and running! So today's image is the Mac as it went under the knife... or the screwdriver... So it's working - albeit with a bit more sellotape than is probably to be recommended.

Music-wise, great indie-pop from Madrid's Deers (yes, I realised I'm late to the party with regards to their brilliance), a new track from By Toutatis singer Daniel Cochran Middle Eastern project The Belly of Paris, and from Last Battle singer's Scott Longmuir's Beard of Truth solo project.

1. Jonnie Common - "Shark" (Played courtesy of Song by Toad)
2. Deers - "Castigadas en el Granero" (Played courtesy of Deers)
3. Beard Of Truth - "Prick" (Played courtesy of Beard Of Truth)
4. The Belly of Paris - "There Was No Snake" (Played courtesy of The Belly of Paris)
5. Dressed Like Wolves - "Particles" (Played courtesy of Dressed Like Wolves)
6. Stephen Otto Perry Band - "Feed The Ghost" (Played courtesy of Stephen Otto Perry)
7. VVHILE - "Wrong Face Wrong Palm" (Played courtesy of VVHILE, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
8. The Girl Fridas - "Dreaming" (Played courtesy of The Girl Fridas)
9. Randolph's Leap - "Weatherman" (Played courtesy of Randolph's Leap)

Direct Download: Edinburgh Man #188