#286 - Bird Watching

I'm almost getting the hang of this podcast lark. Although I do get distracted looking out of the window at some baby birds for a chunk of this show.

Most of the last week, at least in terms podcast stuff, has been spent pulling old episodes out of the archive and uploading them to the feed. At the time of recording all of the shows back to 2015 should now be available in podcast apps, and over the next few weeks I'm going to try and get them all up there. Perhaps not the first five though. These were the shows I recorded before I got much in the way of equipment, and I'm not really sure where they are. I do have a box of old backup drives though... so I guess I'm going to need to start digging into those.

In the meantime.... Music!

[00:10] Spirito Di Lupo - "Vento Triste"
[07:48] Modern Monster - "Dark Activity"
[12:55] ELLiS•D - "Straitjacket Blues"
[20:10] Cuties - "Say Something Sweet"
[25:50] The Dream is Dead - "Love Is Telling Someone When To Stop"

All tracks released under Creative Commons licences. See links for more information.