#287 - Wet Tent

The school holidays in Scotland are still dragging on - we're about two thirds of the way through now I reckon. I'm not going to check in case I'm wrong. Let's just say (hope) that we are nearer the end than the start and leave it at that.

The kids, in their child-like innocence, expressed a desire to go camping this summer. So rather than commit to a whole week of nature, we're going away for a few days here and there. Last weekend was the first of these. Being Scotland in the summer meant it was wet. Perhaps that's unfair, it was nice the day we pitched the tent, and then from about halfway through the first night it rained until we left. I've just finished drying out a very wet tent on a tarp in the back garden, in time for us to do it all again in a few days time... Remind me, when do the schools go back?

[00:25] Belgrado - Intra Apogeum
[07:46] Modernheads - Old Crush, New Year
[13:08] Second∞Sight - Get Me Out of Here
[18:28] Sunshine Convention - Dawned on Me
[23:33] Acetate zero - Definition of fall
[28:38] Tovatronica- Opening Theme
[30:01] Tovatronica - Thank You For Playing

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