#288 - Deck Building

My plan for today was to build a deck. Not like a Pokemon deck, or a MTG deck, but a wooden construction out in the back garden for sitting on and enjoying the... weather? Unfortunately the Edinburgh Fringe must be starting soon because it's wet. Very wet. Chucking it down with rain. So I've tried to stash these 5 metre long pieces of wood under the partial shade of a hedge with the intention to return to them on a nicer day. I guess that means they'll sit there for some time.

Instead of being productive, I've recorded a podcast. I think I was supposed to do this a day or two ago, but I got confused about what day I said I'd record it, so it's happening now. After all, the tagline for the blog does now say "sporadically scheduled", and I don't want to go off-brand.

[00:31] Flower - Lethargy
[09:27] Garmisch - Facing the Sea (Album Version)
[15:25] Victory Road - Takes a Sudden Turn
[20:59] Dad Rocks - Peers
[24:57] Jeff Rosenstock - DOUBT
[32:44] The Black Atlantic - Rohirrim

All tracks released under Creative Commons licences. See links for more details.