#289 - Windy Glampers

Right. Okay. A second attempt at recording this podcast!

This week we've been on our summer holidays. The first few days were spent "glamping" near Glenshee. The next week or so was spent in a static caravan just north of Inverness. I first recorded this podcast while at the glamping site and unfortunately, it was way windier than I noticed at the time. I guess I should have realised, being on the side of a hill in Glenshee and all. Anyway, this is the second attempt. A bit echoey but hopefully more listenable.

[00:55] Beta Maximo - A Marte
[06:58] Soft Top - Voiceover
[13:32] Second ∞ Sight - No Angel to Me
[20:42] The Mountain Goats - Corsican Mastiff Stride
[26:02] Amber Arcades - Constants Dream
[31:52] Keel Her - Begin

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