#301 - Whonivirus

Urgh, I have a cold. That's the excuse I'm going for as to why the show has been delayed for a week or two. It's absolutely not because I was spending all my free time catching up on three seasons of Doctor Who before the 60th anniversery specials started. No it's not that at all.

On today's show, mostly new tracks from releases that have been featured over the last few months. In one case it's because the track is a wee bit festive, and in other cases it's because they are great tracks that I wanted to play! There's also a new track from a fantastic new album "Lost Dogs" by keep it together on Seattle's friend's house records.

[00:20] The Cosmonautopolitans - Mistletoe
[04:29] Ballsy - Be Your Baby
[08:41] keep it together - Dashcam
[14:21] Shiv and the Carvers - Heart in a Jar
[17:46] Libby Quinn - Jesus in Tokyo
[23:36] Tossing Seed - Fall of Sweet Pea

Unless otherwise noted, all tracks are released under Creative Commons licences. See links for more details.