Best of 2010 - Part 1

Is 2010 almost over already? If you're a long time (long suffering?) listener to the podcast you'll know that it all began near the start of 2010. During the last year some 150-200 tracks from 2010 have been played so I thought I'd pull together a "best of" list. However, I didn't want this just to be my favourite tracks, so throughout November we had a poll, and lots of people voted. Actually, lots and lots of people voted! More people voted than listen to the show... hmm...

Anyway, the votes have been counted. The gold envelopes are ready. The champagne is on ice. Get a glass of mulled wine in your hand, and let's start the festive end-of-year proceedings off with Numbers 30 to 15, in this special hour long super show.

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