Edinburgh Man #100

Was it really just a couple of days ago that I was standing in the sun on the "Home & Away" beach some 10,000 miles away? And now here I am in a rainy (although warm and humid for whatever that's worth) Edinburgh? Sigh.

Anyway, it's podcast 100!

Except it isn't really. Because (for whatever reason) I decided not to number the "specials" this is really podcast 116. As such, this podcast is only special in terms of the music. All of my chat is, as usual, just on the wrong side of being coherent.

1. Meursault - "Flittin'" (Played courtesy of Song by Toad Records)
2. Allo Darlin' - "Europe" (Played courtesy of Slumberland Records / IODAPromonet)
3. Tim Chaplin - "The Answer In Your Eyes" (Played courtesy of Bleeding Gold Records)
4. Mayors of Miyazaki - "Your Street Team" (Played courtesy of Mayors of Miyazaki / Released under a Creative Commons licence)
5. LITTLE BIG BANGS - "lucky" (Played courtesy of LITTLE BIG BANGS / Released under a Creative Commons licence)
6. Adam Stafford - "Russian Glass" (Played courtesy of Gerry Loves Records)
7. Shambles Miller - "Confessions" (Played courtesy of Shambles Miller)
8. Mississippi John Hurt - "Louis Collins"
9. P.S. Eliot - "Asphalt" (Played courtesy of P.S. Eliot / Released under a Creative Commons licence)
10. Maple Leaves - "Robots" (Played courtesy of Maple Leaves)

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