Edinburgh Man #106

Edinburgh Man Jr is adopting a new routine which clashes with the normal time of 9pm for the live podcast, so today's show was recorded an hour earlier at 8pm. I wondered if anyone would listen... or rather, if anyone would tweet at me. But after pleading for contact, we managed to get up to 7 interacting listeners by the end of the show, so that wasn't too bad.

Music-wise, we start off with the brilliant new single by Edinburgh's Withered Hand. There's a fantastic tune from Dublin's September Girls, coming out on a 7 inch single in October on Scotland's Soft Power Records, and there's also some dream-pop from Indoor Voices on Bleeding Gold Records and OH!Hello. Top stuff.

1. Withered Hand - "Inbetweens" (Played courtesy of Withered Hand)
2. Indoor Voices - "So Smart (single mix)" (Played courtesy of Bleeding Gold Records)
3. OH!hello - "LAVA POOLS" (Played courtesy of OH!hello)
4. September Girls - "Green Eyed" (Played courtesy of Soft Power Records)
5. Allo Darlin' - "The Letter" (Played courtesy of Fortuna POP! / IODAPromonet)
6. Yusuf Azak - "Moon New Moon" (Played courtesy ofYusuf Azak)
7. Pop Culture Pirates - "Feed The Executioner (Armstrong)" (Played courtesy of Pop Culture Pirates, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
8. Mark Wynn - "Bank Holiday" (Played courtesy of Mark Wynn / Desert Mine Music)

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