Edinburgh Man #105

A special early evening podcast. This probably meant no-one listened live... although since I'm writing this blurb over my lunch hour on Thursday afternoon, who knows. Perhaps the technology failed and there wasn't even a podcast at all. Then I'd look foolish.

Anyway, I'm getting quite into the Paralympics this week, and as a result the podcast was recorded two hours early so I could watch the 100m T44 final at 9.15pm with Oscar Pistorius, Jerome Singleton and Jonnie Peacock. Of course, that'll all be over by the time you read this... perhaps I should just stop babbling.

On today's podcast... a teeth related track from Brighton's Shrag in honour of Edinburgh Man Jr's first tooth, which is slowly making an appearance. There's a fun Fall influenced track from the new Mark Wynn album, some indie-pop from the likes of Lightning Love and loads more too.

1. Shrag - "Show Us Your Canines" (Played courtesy of IODAPromonet / Fortuna POP!)
2. Slushy - "I'm A Disaster" (Played courtesy of Slushy, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
3. Lightning Love - "Deadbeat" (Played courtesy of IODAPromonet / Quite Scientific Records)
4. ZED PENGUIN - "HEATHENS" (Played courtesy of Zed Penguin)
5. Mark Wynn - "Rip Off The Fall" (Played courtesy of Mark Wynn / Desert Mine Music)
6. KEEL HER - "i suck (but you suck more)" (Played courtesy of Keel Her, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
7. Jo Mango - "Cordelia" (Played courtesy of Olive Grove Records)
8. Thomas Patrick Maguire - "Standing on the Street" (Played courtesy of Weemayk Music)

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