Edinburgh Man #129

Oh, man. I spent too much money on Record Store Day. Such a sucker. On the plus side I have lots of cool new vinyl to listen to, so there's that. The day itself was good fun - starting off in Avalanche, then passing by Coda on The Mound to check out their new vinyl room, and finally heading down to Stockbridge to catch Wounded Knee on the steps of Voxbox... And all that before lunchtime!

I also popped over to Vino Wine Shop in Morningside to pick up a four pack of the special edition microbrewed Song, by Toad beer. Mmmm. Only one bottle left - the Magic Eye Red Rye which I'm going to crack open while recording the podcast.

Music-wise, there's a track from the upcoming EP by Edinburgh's Book Group, a couple of tracks from Record Store Day purchases, and a great track by A Little Orchestra featuring Ballboy's Gordon McIntyre.

1. Book Group - "Year Of The Cat" (Played courtesy of Book Group)
2. Extra Feeler - "Sidewalk Crawling" (Played courtesy of Extra Feeler)
3. A Little Orchestra - "East Coast" (Played courtesy of A Little Orchestra)
4. The Ramisco Maki Maki Rocking Horse - "Danger Danger" (Played courtesy of The Ramisco Maki Maki Rocking Horse)
5. Mad Nurse - "Violent Dreams" (Played courtesy of Mad Nurse)
6. Zed Penguin - "The Letters" (Played courtesy of Song by Toad)
7. Blind Willie McTell - "Statesboro Blues" (Played courtesy of archive.org)
8. Low - "Lordy" (Played courtesy of Low / archive.org)

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