Edinburgh Man #132

What...? WHAT...!? I'm starting off the podcast by playing some Disco (or DIYSCO to be more precise). What is going on here?

Yep, it's an upcoming release on Soft Power Records from Dublin's Tieranniesaur. I couldn't help it. When I first heard the track I was like, "Hmm, not sure that it really fits into the podcast" But after about the sixth listen I figured the decision had been made. Perhaps there's some residual craving for pure unadulterated pop after the weekend's Eurovision Song Contest. Either way, it's not the only electronic pop in tonight's show. There's some synth-pop wonder from Kid Canaveral, who are playing a free gig tomorrow night at The Caves along with The Last Battle and Randolph's Leap, and a track from the upcoming album from Capitals.

Don't worry - there's also some indie-pop, lo-fi, slow-core and other hyphenated genres to keep you happy.

1. tieranniesaur - "DIYSCO" (Played courtesy of Soft Power Records)
2. Just Handshakes - "Running Wild" (Played courtesy of Bleeding Gold Records)
3. Kid Canaveral - "Skeletons" (Played courtesy of Kid Canaveral / Fence Records)
4. Capitals - "Tall Tales" (Played courtesy of Capitals)
5. eagleowl - "eagleowl vs. woodpigeon" (Played courtesy of eagleowl / Fence Records)
6. Ancient Times - "Nightschool" (Played courtesy of Soft Power Records)
7. PASSION PUSHER - "Old Ship" (Played courtesy of PASSION PUSHER)
8. the rabbit theory - "Rosa" (Played courtesy of the rabbit theory, Released under a Creative Commons licence)

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