Edinburgh Man #148

It's very special Friday night podcast! Well, perhaps not that special. Apologies for anyone who missed their fix of the podcast yesterday. On Thursday night I went through to Glasgow to see Swearin' and Waxahatchee. Obviously if I had planned it properly I would have pre-recorded the podcast in advance, but naturally that didn't happen.

I also drove through to the gig last night in the car. What a mistake that was. Never again. We got to the venue only about 10 minutes before Swearin' came on after taking about 40 minutes to travel the last 2 miles. If that wasn't bad enough the entire motorway was closed on the way back and it took even longer to get out of Glasgow! Like I say, never again.

Anyway, enough about traffic, let's play some music.

1. We Are Freeways - "Stampede" (Played courtesy of We Are Freeways, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
2. Council Tax Band - "The Bigger The Budget" (Played courtesy of Council Tax Band)
3. Swearin' - "Subterranean" (Played courtesy of Swearin', Released under a Creative Commons licence)
4. Minor Alps - "Buried Plans" (Played courtesy of Barsuk Records)
5. O'Messy Life - "Challenger" (Played courtesy of Tiny Lights)
6. Os Drongos - "Werewolf (Former Babies cover)" (Played courtesy of Bleeding Gold Records)
7. Maxwell Panther - "The Start of Decay" (Played courtesy of Maxwell Panther)
8. A.H.Doune - "Spinning Records" (Played courtesy of A.H.Doune)
9. The Planes - "Tear The World Apart " (Played courtesy of The Planes)

Direct Download: Edinburgh Man #148