Edinburgh Man #161

That moody photo there is tonight's atmospheric podcasting station. It feels strange to be starting the podcast when it's (almost) still light outside. Hooray for daylight saving time.

I must apologies yet again for 1) a croaky throat and coughing which resulted in more music and less chat, and 2) it not being a live podcast again. This week the lack of liveliness has nothing to do with Edinburgh Man Junior's sleeping patterns, rather the actions of my new evil broadband provider. The bastards.

1. Hideouts - "Hideouts" (Played courtesy of Hideouts, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
2. Randolph's Leap - "Foolishness Of Youth" (Played courtesy of Randolph's Leap)
3. Freschard (with the Wave Pictures) - "And The Rain" (Played courtesy of WIAIWYA)
4. King Post Kitsch - "Veronique" (Played courtesy of New Pleasure Recordings)
5. Las Lanas - "Lie & Sow" (Played courtesy of Las Lanas)
6. cars & trains - "History of the Night" (Played courtesy of cars & trains, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
7. NEW WIVES - "New Eyes//First March" (Played courtesy of NEW WIVES)
8. The Planes - "LES (And Out of Luck)" (Played courtesy of The Planes)
9. KEEL HER - "Don't Look At Me" (Played courtesy of KEEL HER)

Direct Download: Edinburgh Man #161