Edinburgh Man #163

I'm totally utterly jet-lagged. I've just got back from a two day work trip to the US. Basically I had almost enough time to adjust to the heat and the timezone before getting back home. And since then I've been largely cold, broken and passing out rather than falling asleep.

Anyway, as a result last night's podcast didn't happen at the normally scheduled time. So instead we have a daytime special podcast. I figured I'd be more likely to stay awake if I recorded it at a time where there was sun streaming through the windows.

On today's show I talk about Record Store Day, play some tracks from bands who are playing at RSD events in Edinburgh, and generally ramble. Always with the ramble.

1. Stanley Odd - "Chase Yirsel" (Played courtesy of Stanley Odd)
2. THE SWEETS - "Sister" (Played courtesy of Bleeding Gold Records)
3. Book Group - "Here is Too Near" (Played courtesy of Book Group)
4. Jeffrey Lewis - "The History Of K Records" (Played courtesy of Jeffrey Lewis / archive.org)
5. Yusuf Azak - "Silver Rose" (Played courtesy of Gerry Loves Records)
6. Star Wheel Press - "Hey Lord (An Existential Inquiry) ft. Foy Vance" (Played courtesy of Dull and Indifferent)
7. P.S. Eliot - "Sadie" (Played courtesy of P.S. Eliot, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
8. Radiator Hospital - "They Live" (Played courtesy of Radiator Hospital, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
9. The Saurs - "Close-up" (Played courtesy of The Saurs, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
10. The Tuts - "Worry Warrior" (Played courtesy of The Tuts, Released under a Creative Commons licence)

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