Edinburgh Man #177

Oh hello. It’s another slightly randomly scheduled podcast. I write this sitting in the garden as Edinburgh Man Junior runs around the vegetable beds. Don’t worry though, he’s not in this indie-pop biased edition of the show – I recorded it over lunchtime this afternoon as I was working from home. Well I was supposed to be working from home, but after finishing it I decided I needed some caffeine and spent the rest of the day in Artisan Roast.

Anyway, I said I wouldn’t talk politics this week and I just went and did just that. Many apologies. Don’t worry, it will all be over by this time next week.

1. Stanley Odd – “Son I Voted Yes” (Played courtesy of Stanley Odd)
2. Mark Wynn – “The Girl Who Looked Like Bobby Gillespie” (Played courtesy of Mark Wynn)
3. Earthy Babes – “Windspeak” (Played courtesy of Earthy Babes, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
4. Night Dew Call – “Emily” (Played courtesy of Night Dew Call, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
5. The Debutantes – “Gentleman’s Wash” (Played courtesy of Soft Power Records)
6. David Thomas Broughton & Juice – “In Service” (Played courtesy of Song by Toad Records)
7. Left Behind (Tiny Fireflies + Boyish) – “Heart Noir” (Played courtesy of EardrumsPop, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
8. Randolph’s Leap – “Isle Of Love” (Played courtesy of Randolph’s Leap)

Direct Download: Edinburgh Man #177