Edinburgh Man #182

Look at that view! That's the view from my new office window. Pretty nice... I mean, aside from the tops of the buildings. You can see Calton Hill and everything.

I am, however, pretty wiped tonight. Mainly because the last few days have involved carrying lots of boxes and computer equipment upstairs from our old ground floor office to the new one somewhere up in the roof. Anyway, the view is nice.

Listeners to last week's podcast will be pleased to hear that Edinburgh Man Junior has made a full recovery from his recent illness, however Edinburgh Man Senior is really missing those 1-2 hour naps that came with being unwell.

Right, let's get down to it. It's a bit of a power-pop-punk-pop-indie-rock fueled podcast tonight. Excellent.

1. Away Game - "Call Me Up (Just to Bring Me Down)" (Played courtesy of Away Game)
2. The Planes - "Catch You" (Played courtesy of The Planes)
3. Schwervon! - "Flaming Dragonfly" (Played courtesy of Schwervon)
4. Emerald Park - "Blue" (Played courtesy of 23 seconds, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
5. joyride! - "don't forget the first one" (Played courtesy of joyride!)
6. Gleemer - "Coast Cruiser" (Played courtesy of Gold Flake Tapes)
7. Conveyor - "Wry Thing" (Played courtesy of Conveyor)
8. Kyle Kaos - "What a Winter" (Played courtesy of Kyle Kaos, Released under a Creative Commons licence)

Direct Download: Edinburgh Man #182