Edinburgh Man #190

Ah, the last regular podcast of the year. And the good news for me is that I can now drink again. To celebrate I’ve cracked open the Aldi Tawny Port (which is rather nice) and pulled together the most chilled out, and slightly festive playlist that I could managed. In fact, I was tidying up this week and found some homemade white “port” lurking at the back of a cupboard in a demijohn. I haven’t tasted it yet, but took a whiff and if nothing else it smells fairly alcoholic. Perhaps next week’s first part of the end-of-year poll may have to be fuelled by this questionable liquid.

1. Randolph’s Leap – “One More Sleep ’til Christmas” (Played courtesy of Randolph’s Leap)
2. eagleowl – “Clean the Night” (Played courtesy of wiaiwya)
3. Lowpines – “Heavy hander” (Played courtesy of EardrumsPop, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
4. entertainment for the braindead – “An Answer” (Played courtesy of entertainment for the braindead)
5. Aunt Sis – “Heirs” (Played courtesy of Bleeding Gold Records)
6. Cloudkicker – “Sky Guide” (Played courtesy of Cloudkicker, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
7. Collapsible Mountains – “Lights Have Gone Out” (Played courtesy of Collapsible Mountains)
8. ballboy – “Merry Christmas to the Drunks, Merry Christmas to the Lovers” (Played courtesy of ballboy)

Direct Download: Edinburgh Man #190