Edinburgh Man #199

No live podcast tonight I'm afraid. But there is this one... this one was recorded last night. Dr Nic was out last night and Edinburgh Man Junior seemed to be rather soundly asleep, so I thought I'd record the podcast 24 hours early. It also seems like Dr Nic and I haven't had a night in for ages, so if I did a pre-record then we'd have Thursday evening to ourselves. I realise that sounds romantic, but to be quite honest those episodes of House of Cards aren't going to watch themselves.

1. Cat Smell - "Revenge Song" (Played courtesy of Cat Smell)
2. Lizard Kisses - "In The Morning" (Played courtesy of Lizard Kisses / Bleeding Gold Records, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
3. Low - "Starfire" (Played courtesy of Low / archive.org)
4. Minor Miracles - "Don't Say Anything" (Played courtesy of Minor Miracles)
5. Brilliant Beast - "No Fate" (Played courtesy of Brilliant Beast, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
6. Go Get 'Em, Tiger - "Waiting for..." (Played courtesy of Go Get Em Tiger, Released under a Creative Commons licence)