Edinburgh Man #208

Today I bunked off work in the afternoon and went to the degree show at ECA. I moaned during the podcast that it wasn't as good as the last couple of years... but as I think about it now I reckon I was a bit unfair. There was lots of interesting work on display - I'll have to pop back before the show finishes this weekend. Anyway, this photo was taken from the balcony in the main hall. That chap down there was singing Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely". Quite why he was singing one of the worst Stevie Wonder songs I'm not entirely sure. I didn't want to venture nearer and find out.

On the podcast itself... Well, it was rather swiftly curtailed. I'd planned for a 45 minute long show, but it turned out the new streaming service I was using only had 30 minutes left (after I'd been testing it for 30 minutes before the show). So this is a short episode. Apologies!

1. Les Frères Bandini - "Rabbit in a log" (Played courtesy of Les Frères Bandini, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
2. Baker Island - "Spanish Trails" (Played courtesy of Baker Island)
3. Honeymoon - "Halo" (Played courtesy of Honeymoon, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
4. Twin Peaks - "Mirror of Time" (Played courtesy of Twin Peaks, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
5. Roman Lakes - "The Sparrow" (Played courtesy of Bleeding Gold Records)
6. Barone - "Come Home" (Played courtesy of Barone, Released under a Creative Commons licence)