Edinburgh Man #230

Apologies yet again for a late podcast. I'm addicted to "Meetup" at the moment, and last night - Thursday night - when I normally record the show I ended up at a "digital media" meetup. I thought it would mostly be about podcasting, but in the end it was more work-related than fun-filled.

So I spent an hour this morning putting together the playlist for this week's show while sitting in Artisan Roast. This is getting to be a habit isn't it? Doing podcast preparation while sitting in a coffee shop. Although, to be honest, there are worse ways to spend a Friday morning.

1. Kaspar Hauser - "Pencil Doings" (Played courtesy of Soft Power Records)
2. DTHPDL - "The Future" (Played courtesy of DTHPDL)
3. Lionizer - "Bleach" (Played courtesy of Lionizer, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
4. Cracked Up - "Let's Go" (Played courtesy of Cracked Up, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
5. In Love With A Ghost - "we've never met but, can we have a coffee or something" (Played courtesy of Z-Tapes, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
6. Storm the Palace - "Cadillacs and Carousels" (Played courtesy of Storm the Palace)