#259 - Elephant!

Oh hello. Here's a picture of an elephant painted to look like a penguin.

This is basically just to distracted you from the fact it's been two weeks since the last podcast. Many apologies. But at least this week there is some great new music from The Moonlanderz, CHUMP, The Planes and Pelts. Plus a couple of fantastic live tracks by the Mountain Goats. See - that was worth waiting for, wasn't it?

1. The Moonlandingz - "The Strangle Of Anna" (Played courtesy of Point Éphémère, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
2. CHUMP - "At Least We Got A Song Out Of It" (Played courtesy of Gerry Loves Records)
3. The Mountain Goats - "Live at Village Tavern on 2004-10-19" (Played courtesy of archive.org)
4. Pelts - "The Severed Sea" (Played courtesy of Pelts)
5. The Planes - "Red Shift" (Played courtesy of The Planes, Released under a Creative Commons licence)