Edinburgh Man #72

Disaster. There is only one red bush tea bag left. In fact, by the end of the show there were none. Somehow I managed to struggle on through the show, despite the voice getting a bit croaky at times. I'm also a bit more confused than normal. This is partly because the flat is in general disarray at the moment. We're one sofa down and waiting for a replacement, bathroom flooring is lying around the hall waiting to be laid, and there are IKEA flat-pack boxes loitering in various the rooms threatening to be built.

However, there is some great music on today's show. So that's okay then. We start with a track from the brilliant album by Glasgow's The Moth & The Mirror, two tracks from bands from Asheville, NC (I know!), and a great track from an album by Uniform Motion that you can buy as a name your price ON VINYL! Crazy.

During the podcast I make a strange reference to animal noises (specifically those of a hamster and maybe an owl) and I threaten to explain the reference, but I never do. On twitter today I had a conversation with @eagleowlattack and @jonniecommon about playing the last track on the show. @eagleowlattack suggested monetary compensation that I eventually got down to a beer. @jonniecommon suggested I interrupt the middle of the track with the noise of a squawking eagle owl.

Finally @zaphodjrham (who appears to be a twittering hamster - you heard that right) suggested augmenting the experience with a hamster noise. I'm not entirely sure what such a noise would be, but in the end I forgot all about it on the show. My brain and my mouth do have a tendency to disengage from each other sometimes.

1. The Moth & The Mirror - "Fire"
2. Alligator Indian - "The New E"
3. Tiny Mountains - "Bold As Lions"
4. Uniform Motion - "Our Hearts Have Been Misplaced In A Secret Location"
5. Ian Humberstone - "House on the Hill"
6. eagleowl - "Sorry I Spoke"