Edinburgh Man #88

So. I got up early this morning... well, actually it was an enforced rise of sorts. I sorted out the playlist for tonight's show and wrote this blog post. Unfortunately, on the show itself, I sort of went off the rails fairly early on and didn't feel that I couldn't mention it. About halfway through I decided to pour myself a large drink, and we just about managed to get through to the end, but at what cost?

Anyway, music-wise there's podcast favourites Schwervon! and The Spook School, a great new track from the Retribution Gospel Choir (if you aren't familiar with them, it's not what you think), and a track from the new Cancel the Astronauts single.

Schwervon!, The Spook School and Cancel the Astronauts all have upcoming gigs this weekend. Schwervon! are playing tonight at the Big Snow Buffalo Lodge in Brooklyn. It's their send off show before they move from NYC to Kansas! The Spook School are playing tomorrow night at Teviot in Edinburgh as part of the Fresh Air Festival 2012. They're on really late... so I probably won't make that. Finally Cancel The Astronauts are playing at Sneaky Pete's, also in Edinburgh, on Saturday night along with Bad Books and Fuzzystar. I am planning on making it to that one. Honest.

1. New Bleeders - "Ox Blood" (Played courtesy of Kinky Star Records / IODAPromonet)
2. The Spook School - "That's When I Ran Away (demo)" (Played courtesy of The Spook School)
3. Schwervon! - "Cougar Pride" (Played courtesy of Schwervon! / Olive Juice Music / Released under a Creative Commons licence)
4. Retribution Gospel Choir - "The Stone (Revolution!)" (Played courtesy of Sub Pop Records)
5. Low - "Breaker" (Played courtesy of Sub Pop Records)
6. Yellow Ostrich - "Marathon Runner" (Played courtesy of Barsuk Records)
7. Zapruder Point - "Lisa Pruett Will Have Her Revenge on Coventry" (Played courtesy of Zapruder Point / Released under a Creative Commons licence)
8. Cancel The Astronauts - "Echoes Of Love" (Played courtesy of Cancel The Astronauts)

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