#291 - Enter The Dragon

Last week I said that there probably wasn't going to be a show this week, and here we are. In the end I found six great tracks (mostly from recent releases) and I wanted to record and upload the show as quickly as I could!

With hindsight, I should have waited at least an hour, because during most of the show I'm on edge waiting for Thing 2's delivery of yet another giant Lego kit. Thankfully it turns up about halfway through and I can sort of relax for the rest of the show.

[00:55] DUMP HIM - Trash
[06:18] Sloppy Heads - Love Is A Disease
[13:05] Home Front - Overtime
[18:05] The Crystal Furs - Get Scrappy!
[21:22] Straight White Teeth - Summer Backseat
[27:06] Tossing Seed - The Flower Still Remains

All tracks released under Creative Commons licences. See links for more details.