#299 - Freshly Ground

I was showing my work colleague some new photo management software I've been using, and I shared an album with him. "Why would someone have so many photos of coffee?" I mean, it's probably a legitimate question. But my feeling is - why not? I'm sure about 50% of the images that I use for this podcast are coffee related, and if they aren't then it's time to up my game.

I'm feeling nicely caffeinated as I write this due to a new coffee grinder, which is much easier on this old man's arm than the hand crank version. However not sufficiently caffeinated for this to be a live podcast. I've been experimenting with doing live shows again, and have even set up a site at live.edinburghman.com. However after spending half an hour fighting with and losing to streaming software, it just a normal pre-recorded show. Good music though!

[00:22] Bris - Errautsiko dira hiriak
[06:54] Noah Roth - Hold On / Okay
[13:03] ELLiSĀ·D - I Want You To Know
[19:29] Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - Broom Rider
[22:56] entertainment for the braindead - An Answer
[30:33] The Dream Is Dead - Death Of A Superstar

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