Edinburgh Man #157

The podcast returns from a short and unexpected break! Many apologies for the lack of show over the last two weeks. Edinburgh Man Junior brought some hideous flu-like lurgie back from nursery. He was ill for about 4 days then bounced back. I, however, spent the best part of the next week in bed, curled up in a foetal position, moaning. Even after the flu eventually passed I was left with an annoying and persistent cough. There was no way I would have been able to do the podcast last week without hacking my way through it - which wouldn't have been much fun to listen to. Anyway, here's hoping it has subsided enough for me to get through the next 45 minutes to an hour.

On today's show a Low cover from Edinburgh's Meursault, the second single from the recent album by Dunedin's Trick Mammoth, and a track from a new EP by Brooklyn's No Kill. Loads more besides, but hopefully not much coughing. I have a bag of cough sweets at my side just in case.

1. Champ - "Nothing" (Played courtesy of Fleeting Youth Records)
2. Trick Mammoth - "Days Of Being Wild" (Played courtesy of Fishrider Records)
3. Meursault - "Dinosaur Act (Low)" (Played courtesy of Song, by Toad Records)
4. No Kill - "Big Muff Scream" (Played courtesy of No Kill)
5. First Borns - "Perfect 10" (Played courtesy of First Borns)
6. COMFY - "Where is" (Played courtesy of COMFY )
7. Blood Of The Bull - "You Are My Favourite Communist" (Played courtesy of Soft Power Records)
8. Vio/Miré - "Dogs 1" (Played courtesy of Vio-Miré, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
9. The Paperback Throne - "Colossus" (Played courtesy of The Paperback Throne / Iffy Folk Records)

Direct Download: Edinburgh Man #157