Edinburgh Man #158

With hindsight I probably should have taken a picture of that chocolate cheesecake before I polished it off. But to be honest my brain wasn't planning that far ahead. On that plate there used to be a bazillion calorie slice of cheesecake which I ate while playing Withered Hand's "California" on the podcast. One of these things (or possibly both) made me come over all wobbly.

Anyway, today's podcast features some great tracks from recent or upcoming albums. There's that fantastic Withered Hand track and a great track from KEEL HER - both albums that were released this week. A track from the recent Yellow Ostrich album which came out in February, and a brilliant track from the upcoming album by Edinburgh's The Last Battle.

In fact, it's no wonder I felt wobbly after listening to all that.

1. KEEL HER - "Go" (Played courtesy of KEEL HER, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
2. D A Y D R E A M I N G - "Ruined" (Played courtesy of D A Y D R E A M I N G)
3. The Last Battle - "Breathe Bones" (Played courtesy of The Last Battle)
4. GREAT THUNDER - "Coming Home Tonight" (Played courtesy of GREAT THUNDER)
5. Withered Hand - "California" (Played courtesy of Fortuna POP!)
6. Yellow Ostrich - "Shades" (Played courtesy of Barsuk Records)
7. PETEY - "I Don't Wait (Ace Ventura)" (Played courtesy of Bleeding Gold Records / PETEY, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
8. Mark Wynn - "No Fun (not that one)" (Played courtesy of Mark Wynn)
9. Decent Lovers - "Keep it Together" (Played courtesy of Decent Lovers, Released under a Creative Commons licence)

Direct Download: Edinburgh Man #158