Edinburgh Man #24

It's the second day of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe... and I'm out seeing some shows and soaking up the culture. But that shouldn't stop the podcast. Oh, no. I recorded this last night and the show kicks off with a great old track by Beat Happening that is scarily 21 years old.

Don't worry, there's lots of new music too, including a tracks from the latest Nina Nastasia and Grass Widow albums, and a track by Cobson from the most recent Dead Bees Sampler.

1. Beat Happening -"Black Candy"
2. Grass Widow -"Shadow"
3. Tense Kids -"Letter To Andrew (Three Weeks In)" (download album free from CLLCT)
4. Nina Nastasia -"What's Out There" (download track free from IODA)
5. Cobson -"Rubbish" (download album free from Bandcamp)
6. Bloody Knives -"Hands Around My Neck" (download album free from Bandcamp)