#255 - Wonky Mess

Last night's podcast was a rambling shambolic mess, and I was so shattered afterwards that I didn't even have the energy to upload it! So it's a Friday morning update, for which I apologise.

Yesterday was "World Book Day" and for some strange reason, Edinburgh Man Junior's school is allowing pupils to eschew their school uniform and dress as their favourite character from literature (or just their regular clothes) today. I had a panic yesterday when I thought I'd sent him to school in his uniform and all the other kids would be dressed up, but no. Turns out his school is doing it today. Phew. All week he's been saying he'd just being going in jeans and a t-shirt until last night when, with no time to prepare an outfit, he declared his desire to go as Willy Wonka. So this is the best me and his Mum could do given the time. A fake Wonka chocolate bar. Coupled with his best ripped jeans he can claim to be Charlie Bucket. That is until he eats all the chocolate, and we get a phone call from the school telling us he's been sick in the playground. Next year I'm not going to listen to him and secretly prepare an outfit just in case...

1. Henry Fonda - "Surveillance of the Fittest" (Played courtesy of Henry Fonda, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
2. Sandals - "Polished (New Version)" (Played courtesy of Sandals, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
3. Wozniak - "Perihelion" (Played courtesy of Wozniak)
4. Meursault - "Ode to Gremlin" (Played courtesy of Meursault)
5. KMVP - "Vegetarian GF" (Played courtesy of )
6. Alien Trilogy - "Chiphead" (Played courtesy of Alien Trilogy, Released under a Creative Commons licence)
7. Les Mauvais Jours - "Familiar Faces" (Played courtesy of Les Mauvais Jours, Released under a Creative Commons licence)