Edinburgh Man on the Fringe #2

Featuring Dave Hill

The second podcast from the Edinburgh Fringe. Gordon and I have moved next to an ice cream van, under the shadow of a giant inflatable purple cow.

We talk about more fringe shows and play some indie rock! There are some rambling reviews for shows including Jean Abreu and 65daysofstatic's Inside, Robin Ince's Carl Sagan is Still My God and Robin Ince and Michael Legge's Pointless Anger, Righteous Ire. We also pick out some shows that we'd like to see before the end of the festival, and talk about Gordon's regular appearance as Audience Member Number 1 in the Collins and Herring Podcasts.
But the real treat on this show is an interview with comedian and rock god Dave Hill who has two shows at the fringe: Big in Japan and the Dave Hill Explosion. Many, many thanks to Dave for taking time out from a hectic Fringe to have a chat in an attic high above the Pleasance.
Podsafe music in this episode is played courtesy of IODAPromonet, Music Alley and Polyvinyl records. Some tracks are also released under Creative Commons licences. Edinburgh Man Podcasts is a member of the Association of Music Podcasting.
3. 65daysofstatic - "Retreat! Retreat! (Live)" (download track free and buy album from iTunes)