Edinburgh Man - Retreat! Festival Special

It's a Retreat! Festival special episode of the podcast! Last weekend, at Pilrig St. Paul's at the boundary of Leith and Edinburgh, Tracer Trails presented a two day festival to celebrate the music scene in Edinburgh and beyond. Lots of great bands played over the weekend, and Bart and Emily were kind enough to let me speak to some of the bands over the two days.

So, on the show we have chats with Emily from Tracer Trails and Bart from eagleowl and The Gentle Invasion, Rob St. John, Johnny Lynch aka The Pictish Trail, Skelton Bob and Two Wings. There's also an exclusive first play of the new single by Rob St. John, and an exclusive version of a track by Two Wings! Contain your excitement, please.

Finally, if you're in Glasgow this upcoming weekend, you really should go along to MUSIC IS THE MUSIC LANGUAGE, a two day festival organised by Tracer Trails and Cry Parrot. After all, it's only £10!

Podsafe music in this episode is played courtesy of The Pineapple Chunks, eagleowl, Rob St. John, The Pictish Trail, Skeleton Bob, IODAPromonet / Armellodie Records, Two Wings, Song by Toad Records. Edinburgh Man Podcasts is a member of the Association of Music Podcasting.

2. eagleowl - "Into the Fold" (buy EP from Bandcamp)
3. Rob St. John - "Your Phantom Limb"
4. The Pictish Trail - "You Covered the Earth With Your Thumb (Toad Session)"
5. Skeleton Bob - "The Ways That You Annoy Me"
8. Meursault - "William Henry Miller Pt. 1" (buy from Song, by Toad Records)